Excel calendar objects

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Is there a calendar date picker object available for Excel data entry? If not, then why?

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The UserForm in the Word template in the that you can download from the following page of Graham Mayors website can by used in as a UserForm in Excel


Date Picker is not available out of the box in modern Excel.  It had lot of voices in former uservoice, not sure if that request was moved to new feedback portal.


Why? I don't think someone has exact answer. Even Microsoft has limited budgets, and that's always the compromise to spend money on development of new functionality and make Excel more modern or make more focus on support backward Excel functionality starting from Excel 95.


Date picker in modern Excel could be considered as new functionality, but it looks like it has low priority. You may add your vote on feedback portal to make its priority higher.

@Sergei BaklanThanks for your perspective and I will add a vote for improving the interface methods used for excel data entry, especially since it would be a really handy tool using a very simple pop up format.