Excel Calendar - Data in Input Tab, show more than 1 result in the Calendar View

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I am using a Microsoft Calendar Template, the families activity one.


I have an input page which feeds the calendar but it only shows one result. I want to be able to show multiple activities in the same day. Is this possible? Please see screenshots attached.   


Activities Input. Tab 1Activities Input. Tab 1


Any help would be appreciated. 


Thank you

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@AlexRS800 If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, you may be able to use the attached template (zipped).

It will display multiple events per day.

The day's color, however, will reflect the first listed event for that day only.

Hello Hans,
Unfortunately, I have Excel 2016. Thank you for sending me that sheet.

In 'Protected View', before I enable editing, it does exactly what I want, but when I enable editing it gives me a #Name? error. Do you know why it does that?


The template that I attached uses functions that are not available in Excel 2016. Without those functions it's too complicated.