Excel Calendar adding extra days.

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1.PNGAnyone know how to eliminate the extra days being added to the end of each month on this Microsoft calendar?


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can you post the formula that created the day number?

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It looks like that's Employee Attendance Record Template.

They use formulas

For the beginning of the month


In the middle of calendar


and at the end of it


You may safely copy cell from the end of the calendar with latest formula (e.g. in column AR) and paste it into the cells starting, let say, from column X or so.

1.PNGI copied cells AL through AR and pasted the copied formulas in cells AE through AK and it removed all of the extra days in the month. Now each month only reflects day 1 through 28, 30 or 31 depending on its corresponding last day. Thank you for your help Sergei. I'm still a rookie with excel, but I'm learning everyday.


Ingeborg - thank you for responding. I received an answer that helped me, but I didn't want to leave you unrecognized. Thank you for being willing to assist me :)

Now that I've copied the formulas as mentioned the "Key Statistics" box counts are not computing.

The formula in the key stats boxes is as follows:


=SUMIFS(LeaveTracker[Days],LeaveTracker[Employee Name],valSelEmployee,LeaveTracker[Start Date],">="&DATE(Calendar_Year,1,1),LeaveTracker[End Date],"<"&DATE(Calendar_Year+1,1,1))


=SUMIFS(LeaveTracker[Days],LeaveTracker[Employee Name],valSelEmployee,LeaveTracker[Start Date],">="&DATE(Calendar_Year,1,1),LeaveTracker[End Date],"<"&DATE(Calendar_Year+1,1,1),LeaveTracker[Type of Leave],'Leave Types'!B4)


It was computing just fine until I copied and pasted the cells as previously discussed.

Hi Charoid,


What do you mean under Not computing? I tested it with Employees #1 and #3, numbers in the boxes are the same.


To change the formula select cells AR6:AR17 and drag selection to the left till middle of the calendar. Please check attached changed file.

Thank you again Sergei. When I added an event on the employee leave tracker sheet, it would transfer to the calendar, but it did not add to the running total for each leave type listed on the bottom. Your copy works perfectly.
Good day! I hope It will reach you, I would like to ask for your assistance how to make Friday as Weekday. After opening the Employee Attendance Record Template it is set to Saturday and Sunday as weekend. If you can kindly share information how to change the formula to Friday as Weekend.
Your reply will be much appreciated.


Formatting on the Calendar View sheet:

Select C6.

On the home tab of the ribbon, select Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules...

Select the last rule and click Edit.

You'll see the formula


=OR(LEFT(C$5,1)="S", COUNTIF(lstHolidays, C6)>0)


Change it to


=OR(LEFT(C$5,1)="F", COUNTIF(lstHolidays, C6)>0)


2) NETWORKDAYS formulas. On the Calendar View and Employee Leave Tracker sheets, there are several formulas that use NETWORKDAYS. For example, in H20 on the Calendar View sheet:




Change this to




Similar in H21.

And in F4 on the Employee Leave Tracker sheet:


=NETWORKDAYS([@[Start Date]],[@[End Date]],lstHolidays)


Change this to


=NETWORKDAYS.INTL([@[Start Date]],[@[End Date]],16,lstHolidays)


and fill down.

Dear Hans,

I have done all your instructions and I really appreciate your time helping me in the formulas.
I really had a hard time browsing for information how to edit the sheet as per our Company attendance. I'm really glad for your help.

Thank you very much, but I hope this won't be the last time.

Best regards,

@Sergei Baklan 

Hi Sir,

I would like to change the holiday from sat sun to Friday.

Could you plz help me for that


See my previous reply in this discussion. If you want Friday as the only weekend day, use NETWORKDAYS.INTL with 16 as 3rd argument.

For example, with dates in A2 and B2:



Sergei, could you explain which part of the formula takes off the extra days?
I have the following in mine currently:
it's adding 4 days on to the end of the months currently.
When I try to use the =IFERROR(IF(AND(AG6>=1,AG6+1,<=DATE(Calendar_Year,ROW($A1)+1,0)),AG6+1,""),"")
it gives me the following error:
there's a problem with this formula.
not trying to type a formula?
when the first character is an equal (=) or minus (-) sign, excel thinks it's a formula.
etc. etc.




there is no cell reference before <=

It's not clear what you're trying to do...