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I want to create a butterfly chart on MS Excel, on the right it will be data regarding revenue and on the left it will be P+L (profit and loss). 


The issue lies with the P+L on the left, Profit is normally indicated using positive values, and Losses are negative.

How would I bring the profit values (product B and D) to the left?

Would it be possible to colour coordinate the P+L, meaning Profit in green and Losses in red (both on the left of the revenue)?





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@tayyeb253 I would create to separate series for Profits and Losses. Both as negatives and each with their own color. Make sure that the series overlap is set to 100%. I also custom formatted the horizontal axis to show only positive numbers.

See example  attached.




Thank you for your help riny_van_Eekelen.
How to you set the series overlap to 100%?

@tayyeb253 Select any of the bars in the chart. Right-click. Format Data Series..., Series Overlap.