Excel bugs-hang up : "No more new fonts, close other docs and try again"

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I am using office 2019.  After opening my 51MB excel file (even in "Safe Mode"), excel prompts an message:  "No more new fonts, close other docs and try again".


I notice in the formula bar, the inputed formula has been "strikethrought" (see attached), then it hangs up my file.


Would anybody please help me to solve this annoying bugs.


Thank you.

No more new fonts may be applied...No more new fonts may be applied...


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Hi @J_Loo 


there is a limit of 512 unique font types that can be used within a workbook. Here is an overview of all Excel limitations:



Maybe you have too many different fonts installed on your computer?

Hi, @Martin_Weiss
Thank you for your reply.

If this is the case, could you please let me know how could I reduce the numbers of fonts to avoid the hanging up of my file.

Now the file will hang up even when I try to delete a worksheet from the file to see if I can reduce the hangup problem.




Hi @J_Loo 


first you should check if the number of fonts is really so high. You have to do this outside of Excel in the Windows control panel. There you could see how many fonts you have installed:



If you have a real high number, you can think about removing some of them. But be careful, you do this at your own risk!

hi, @Martin_Weiss 


Thank you for your suggestion. 


Total numbers of fonts installed in my PC was 119 items, and according to your suggestion, according to your suggestion, I have deleted most of them (many fonts are protected by the system and cannot be deleted), the final numbers of font left is 92 items.


After the deletion, and when I restarted my excel, the issue wasn't solved.  Same error messages boxes such as "No more new fonts, close other doc ...", "No more memory to display..." 


The worst is that the formula in the formula bar has changed to bold fonts automatically and beyond control over font size change, please see attached files. 

It looks the number of fonts installed is not much relevant with the issue, instead it may be the bugs in Office 2019 (when in use with Excel) crashed within the OS system of Window 10 !!!


Thank you.


P.S. - Before the deletion of fonts, I have also deleted all "Conditional format settings", checked all circular formulae and traced and clear all formula errors in the file. But this still dosen't help !!!




Hi @J_Loo 


I'm sorry to hear that the issue was not solved (119 fonts are not a large number, anyway).

It seems that you have deleted some system relevant fonts, thats probably the reason why you get strange fonts in the formular bar.

I found an an article on how to restore fonts:



Do you get the same error message when you use the file on a different computer?