Excel bubble chart: how to size bubbles based on no. of items with identical x and y values?


I have a set of data with x and y columns containing values from 1 to 5. I've placed all the rows/items in a bubble/scatter chart.


The challenge:

How can I size the bubbles relative to eachother by number of items registered "per coordinate" / items with identical (x and y) values?



Example data table:



Example bubble chart (just a transparent bubble chart placed on top of coloured cells):



Since 3 items corresponds to the (4, 1) coordinate, while only 1 item corresponds to (4, 2), I want the bubble in (4, 1) to be bigger. As I add more items with other coordinates, I want the bubble chart to update automatically with relative sizes.

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@Tormod Solem Slupphaug 

A bubble needs 3 argument. You have to add a counter column:


Select row 2-5 (not the headers) and insert a bubble and i should be Ok (if you use a 2-D chart. In a 3D chart you will se that you have stacked 3 bubbles on top of each other).

You can create the 3:d column with 


Anther way is to use a Pivot table to create something like:


But you cant use it in a pivotChart so it's kind of pointless


Thanks, your COUNTIFS formula is just what I was looking for.