Excel - Border thickness rendering incorrectly in preview

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Hello All,

I am using an Apple MacBook Pro 16",  Chip-Apple M1 Pro, 16GB RAM, year 2022 (macOS Ventura).

Microsoft Office 365

Excel - version 16.72 (also tried 16.54)



The thinnest border in the Excel cell is rendering correctly in the Excel program, however when I preview the document (Preview App or Adobe Reader), the border is the next thickness size up (it also prints the same way). The problem has been around since I installed the program (about a month - since March 2023)



Disk Utility - First Aid

Tried an older Excel version 16.54

Page resize in print preview


My old version of excel (year 2008-ish) rendered correctly - on an older MacBook pro (which sadly passed away after a short but nasty graphics card illness)


Any help would be most appreciated.


Thank you All,



Sunshine Coast, Australia

April 2023

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