Excel Border Options No Longer Clearly Distinguishable

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so..... interesting excel question. I am running Excel 2016.
I used to have more distinguishable cell border options, but recently it has gotten a lot harder to tell the difference between one style and the next. Here's a screenshot of what I mean. On the left (a pic I got from the internet) are what my options used to look like (although the GUI looked much like the pic on the right..... but with the line style options of the left).
On the right is what they look like now. As you can see, much less useful. I probably changed a setting or something inadvertently, but I can't figure out what it was.
And my internet searches were fruitless, because I was unable to find any other posts with the same problem.....
Anyone have know how to get the old options back?
I am not extremely skilled in Excel, so please excuse me if this is an easy fix.  
So far, I have tried changing display "resolution" settings as well as the "size of text, apps, and other items".  But I have not been able to find a fix.
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