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wouldn't it be nice - if in the CONDITIONAL FORMATTING (IN EXCEL) there is a provision to blink a cell content whenever required (based on cell condition) rather than to make a program for it??   HOW HARD COULD IT BE??

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the blinking cell is possible but not without use of Macros.

my personal opinion why in the conditional formatting in excel does not include the blinking mode is quite simple... (the programmers) THEY JUST SIMPLY MISSED IT!.... it totally slipped out of their minds!!   IT ONLY SHOWS THAT THEY ARE HUMAN AFTER ALL........ why go through the tedious process of making a program for it when it can be readily built into the conditional formatting SIMPLY!?!   admission does not mean guilty...:)

thank you Jamil Mohammad, my idea is have the blinking BUILT into the conditional formatting so that macros will no longer be needed...

Thanks for your comments.
You are not the first person to ask for this functionality. Statistics show that most users do not want the option of blinking cells as the effects are pretty awful , and that simply changing the background color of cell is just as effective without the eye strain of a blinking cell.
MSFT prioritizes adding built-in functionalities based their assessment on best idea top suggestions. that's why they have created Excel’s Suggestion Box for users to submit Ideas and suggestions for improving Excel.

Among many features requested in uservoice, the flashing/blinking cell only has the min votes ( two votes) as of today and you can add yours if you wish
It shows that only few users wants this feature, however the door for VBA based solution is open, simply few line of code time-driven macro can add the functionality for those users who really wants it. There could be thousands of functions and features that currently are being handled by User Defined Functions with VBA that are not available with built-in functions, imagine if everyone asks for their desired functions or feature to be added to Excel, what will become of Excel?

I have attached a sample file which is from fellow MVP Tom Urtis that shows how few line of VBA can deliver the flashing cell.






Mr. Jamil Mohammad

Thank you for taking time in my query - if it is not too much to ask, may I request for a little more help re:VBA

imagine I would like to blink cell A1 if the value of B1="" (or blank space) inside the worksheet  named "DATAENTRY"  - how would the program be written (macros?)

again, Thank you for your time

Hi Lorenzo,


Please see attached workbook with Macro.  try to put some value in A2 and unless you put a value in B2 it will keep flashing.

Mr Jamil Mohammad

I couldn't believe I receive your reply in such a speed!!

if I may bother you again - can you rewrite the macros just for A2 and B2 - no need for the whole rows - 

Thanking you for your FANTASTIC reply

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Hello Lorenzo,


Thanks for the feedback. as per your PM.  I have updated the macro. so that when G27 is empty, the B27 will start flashing. it will stop flashing when you put a value in G27. Please download the attached workbook which has the macro. 

Mr Jamil Mohammad


Thank you very much for your assistance

Mr. Jamil Mohammad

Good day

can I trouble you again (maybe for the last time)

could you re-write the macro for just G27 to blink whenever B27 is blank (no need to reverse)

i.e. G27 will blink if B27 is blank - that's all


How can I send you the File for you to understand better.

I can not see "attach file" option


Thank you for your patience and assistance


Attached is the excel program I created for costing purposes.

your blink macro looked ok but I can not imbed it into the program as I have very little knowledge of VBA. your kind assistance would be appreciated very much


I don't know if this has sent the file "EUREKA Desking Program (per configuration).xlsm

if not pls tell me how to send it to you - so that you will better understand what I want for the blink.

Many many thanks

Hi Lorenzo,

If you click "Quick Reply" icon, then you dont have the option to attach workbook.
If you click "Reply " then you can attach the sample workbook.

IMHO, xlsm file will be refused here, zip or saved as xls shall work.

Mr Jamil Mohammad


Thank you for your reply.

STILL, I do not know how to attach the excel file "EUREKA Desking Program (per configuration).xlsm"

I can not see a provision for "attaching file" or a CLIP icon 

I clicked the [Choose Files] - but I don't think it worked...


In the excel file I mentioned, in the opening sheet "FORMULA" - it has already a VBA macro -- I do not know how to insert your Blink macro -- the module for Blinking - I know - just insert a module and paste it....the rest still a puzzle....


or if it is not bothersome for you - can I have your email address so that I can send it directly to you....Thanks again

I sent you a message.

Mr Jamil Mohammad

another small favor

can I make the default on msgbox to "don't save" ?

many many many thanks


save-don't save.PNG

Mr Jamil Mohammad

in the previous request - can we change the msgbox to contain

"save as" and "cancel" only?    many many many thanks

save-don't save.PNG

Mr Jamil Mohammad

if  the msgbox requires elaborate vb programming to change its default

kindly DISREGARD this request

many many thanks for your patience and assistance



hope you are doing great.

i tried below stated macros. but i am still stuck.

is there anyway i can put a conditional blinking for a column if the cell value says "no" then it should blink indefinitely and jsut for your info the column works on a formula. like if the validity has expired it will say "NO" in that particular cell.