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I have a fixed budget to buy a property.


That budget has to cover the purchase price, but also the costs of purchase such as finance and tax. What I want to know is how much do I have for the actual purchase price. The problem is the costs are not fixed, the costs are based on actual purchase price. Some of the costs are not even a fixed percentage, the percentage varies depending on the actual purchase price. The budget is fixed.


This is what it looks like:


Available for site purchase      £865,368
Interest (years) 1.5010.00%£108,000   
Loan application fee  1.00%£7,200   
Valuation fee  0.10%£720   
Legal fees  0.50%£3,600   
Land registry charge   £135   
SDLT   £26,000   
Property purchase   £720,000   


For SDLT there is a very complex calculation on another sheet. For now I am manually changing the property purchase price so that the total is similar to the available for site purchase price at the top, but how do I get excel to do this for me?


Thank you for you help everyone.

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Hello @ Funkgroover
I guess I can offer you these resources because I am not sure exactly how your worksheet is laid out:

If you could show us the formula that would be a good starting point.