Excel Automation via VB to fetch if Outlook Email is received or not

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Hi All,


For now, I only need someone to help with the VB code where I can fetch data from Outlook and check if the email is received or not in the folder for the particular client mentioned in the DFSR Clients sheet.


I already have an Excel Automation Sheet. Where we have a Fetch Data button with time(in minutes)

Once we enter the time the sheet Fetches data from Outlook's (Sub Folder i.e AD Health Report, Exchange Server Health, and DFSR Report)


We have other sheets named AD Clients, DFSR Clients, and Exchange Clients.



Client name1
Client name2



ClientUptimeDAG Errors
Client name1
Client name2



ClientEmail Found/Not Found
Client name1 
Client name2 


When the Data Fetching has been completed, it informs us if the emails have any failure in the report or not for AD and EXCH. DFSR doesn't work


AD and EXCH module works fine, but DFSR does nothing.


Please find the Excel sheet on the below link:




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It may not be the vba solution you're looking for, but you might explore using PowerQuery to fetch data from Outlook: