Excel Autofill does not work if there is a blank row between lists

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In Excel I have a list of names in column A. When I add a blank row and then start a new list of names, the program will not autofill a name that was previously entered in the first list even through it's still in the same column.



Adam B

George G

Henry K

Ge - This will not suggest to autofill with "George G" from the previous list on Row 2


I am using a Mac computer. I have contacted support and they are able to re-create my issue but cannot fix it. It was suggested I post my issue here in hopes someone else can help me. I'm not sure if there is a function or rule I can add so every spot in the entire column autofills if there is a duplicate, regardless of the blank rows.

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That's the way AutoComplete works - it stops at empty cells.

Would it be acceptable to enter a space or the formula ="" in the empty cells? That way, they would still look empty, but Excel would treat them as non-empty.

@Hans Vogelaar THANK YOU SO MUCH! Adding the space in the empty row fixed the issue! I really appreciate your response!! :)