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I have column A to G.


In the column B were listed first and the last names in alphabetical order.


In the column F the same first and the last names from column B were listed without any order.


Column C is empty. Column G have data related to the column F.


What I need?


I need the name from column B to be recognized from column F and the data from column G to be automatically assigned to the column C.


Please see the screenshot below.





From the screenshots: B1 to be recognized from F (in this case F7) and G7 to be automatically added to C1. 


B2 to be recognized as F6 and G6 to be automatically added to C2. 


The most important is data from column B to be recognized in F if that is possible.


Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you!


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Hi @Pedjony,

I got a quick question, how many names do you have in column F on your productive excel?

Hi Schnittlauch,

Thank you for your reply.

In column F I have up to 400 names.
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Hi @Pedjony,


I think I got it (don't forget to change the formula to your language):





You just have to change the columns and thats it. Please tell me if I met your requirements


Best regards,


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Dear @Schnittlauch,


You are a lifesaver

This works like a charm.


I really appreciate your help.


Thank you very very much! 


Haha no problem, you are welcome