Excel Attendance Formula Help: Sum of attendance points for all dates w/in 6 months of infraction

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I need a formula to add sum of all points from f column.  1 constraint are Points dropping off after 6 months (180 days plus 1 inclusive date) from start date, and if points are within the TODAY date, points will be added to sum total.   


On the same sheet "Attendance Tracker" I added a segment to pull an employee/associate/EE (I2) and Total Points (k2), and attempted to add a SUMIF formula but it error outs.  I appreciate some guidance and assistance.  


And then I'll need the points to pop up when I pull the associate/employee/EE in the drop box in I2.   




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you could try it with this formula:






TY.   I got an error I tried the formula but noticed it was in the wrong cell/s so I modified but either didn't work.   Error came up.  




I really appreciate you!

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depending on your local settings, it might be that you need to replace the ; with , in the formula.

So instead of 


it might be



The other thing is, that you need to adjust the cell references to the real situation in your worksheet. When I look at your screenshot, it should be 



@Martin_Weiss you Sir are a true wizard and brilliant! Thank you tremendously!!!!!!! Thank you is an understatement!