Excel and the NYSE

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Apparently, not all NYSE stocks are listed. For instance, the Excel "stock tool" was unable to locate UWM Holdings Corp. (NYSE: UWMC).  Am I missing something?

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You're not missing anything. We currently have an extremely inconvenient bug for all Stocks that have IPOed with SPAC. UWMC is one example of such an instrument. We have all the data, but the 'search' is failing. The work-around is to lookup the stock by its "old" ticker. In this case GHIV. Converting GHIV to a stock, will give you UWM Holdings Corp, and all the current data. Let me know if this isn't working for you.

There are several stocks that were listed on stock exchange, however, the data in excel are not updated yet. Why do we have such option in excel, if it not updated. It should drag the data live from exchange, right? Or there is somebody who updates these data manually)). Below list of stocks that were listed recently, please fix excel or your work!!!!!!!!!!

Name Ticker Date listed
Playtika holding corp PLTK 15.01.21
Myte Netherlands MYTE 21.01.21
Shoals Technology SHLS 27.01.21
Telus International Telus 03.02.21
ON24 Inc Ontf 03.02.21
Sana biotechnology Sana 04.02.21
Vor bioharma VOR 05.02.21
Immunocore holdings IMCR 05.02.21
Viant technology DSP 10.02.21
Bumble Inc BMBL 11.02.21
Signify Health Sgfy 11.02.21