Excel Adding Blank Rows; Won't Allow You to Remove

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This is my first time posting so correct me if I am in the wrong place. 


Has anyone experienced an issue with ALL of their excel files having a blank row? For months we have had issues with various uploads failing and we believed it was a system issue. Only now I see all of my files having a blank row that I cannot delete from Excel. If you do delete, it just shows up again. I haven't seen as post like this a of yet- anyone else?

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Could you post a screenshot to help demonstrate the issue




@Wyn Hopkins Im not sure the best way to show the issue but I would even encourage you to check one of your excel files because I think you'll be able to replicate it. I was using Sublime when I saw my error and I tried it out with a variety of files I had. 

Hi @patrycjagum 


I don't know what you mean sorry,  what would I check on my Excel file and I don't know wat you are referring to when you mention Sublime.


If there is a blank row you can't delete in your file can you add a screenshot of where that row is or attach a demo file?