Excel across two screens with expanded formula bar

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Hi, any help would be very gratefully received (NB: I am using Excel for Mac)


I have an Excel sheet with large amounts of data in each cell (e.g. each cell contains the contents of an email or contract). This often exceeds the maximum cell height of what is visible in a cell by some distance. To see this I would normally drag down to expand the formula bar at the top and use this almost as a viewing tool.


I have two screens and would like to see the sheet on one screen in its normal format and to expand the formula bar in the other screen (almost full screen) so I can scroll in the first screen and if I need to read the full contents of the cell, this appears in the second screen at the same time.


I tried using 'New Window' (as I use this function on Adobe across two screens). This allows 'Sheet - 1' and 'Sheet - 2' in two screens. I thought that I could then drag down the formula bar on 'Sheet - 2' and achieve the result I desire but when I click on a particular cell in 'Sheet - 1' this does not highlight the same cell in 'Sheet - 2' which defeats the idea of scrolling down in the first screen then checking across if the contents need reviewing in full.


Is there a solution?


Many thanks



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  • I also use Excel for the Mac (the M1 Mac Mini, to be specific)
  • I also have two screens


With that as my shared reality, let me ask why are you using Excel for the tasks you describe? Is there some other aspect of your work here that takes advantage of Excel's abilities to process math, or to extract and summarize data (e.g., the Pivot Table)?


If you're really primarily (or exclusively) using Excel because of its array of cells in rows and columns, then realize that there are other software packages that offer far more robust text handling in a layout of rows and columns. Word, for example.