Excel 395 COPY cell action, freezes after PERSONAL‪.XLSB is created‬

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It occurs in ANY excel files (even with BLANK new file) when I a cell and copy it.

It is not stable. It happens every 2nd or 3rd copy action.

There are no formulas, no special font types, no conditional formatting, very few Excel lines.

There are no active Excel Add-ins. It does not happen in Excel Safe mode, so it is an EXCEL issue…


I followed Microsoft article "Excel not responding, hangs, freezes or stops working" instructions:



Nothing solved the problem, including Office reinstallation :(

Lately, I found that deleting the Macro XLSTART\PERSONAL.XLSB file, solved it!!!

Now, creating ANY Macro, generates PERSONAL‪.XLSB file, and the problem returns.

What can I do now?


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