Excel 365 text wrap issues, and page layout view vs print preview view issue

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1. Page Layout View...Unmerged cell, text set to wrap, alignment set up to top and left...text doesn't fill width of cell (see attached image 'Excel Questions File - item 1.jpg").Excel Questions File - item 1.JPG






2. Page Layout view doesn't match print preview view. How do I get these to match? And...neither look correct (see attached image "Excel Questions File - item 2.jpg")Excel Questions File - item 2.jpg




3. Print Preview View/ and printed PFD...Unmerged cell, text set to wrap, alignment set up to top and left...cell height not adjusted to text (see attached image "Excel Questions File - item 3.jpg").Excel Questions File - item 3.jpg


Mostly new to using Excel...appreciate any input.



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It's not really clear why what you're experiencing--differences between different views--is a problem. Excel is adjusting to the circumstances and different views, print settings. But it isn't "wrong" per se, is it. Just different.


If you have a specific layout in mind, specific words you want on one line, not on the next or prior, let us know. But this looks like a legitimate estimate sheet for a work project as is.


Or am I missing something?


The file will function as is...it's not a problem, more aesthetics I guess. Was just looking for a solution to the issues presented...why the text wrap feature doesn't work properly, and why there isn't a view available that actually matches what will be printed. 

Specific layouts?

Item 1 - Have the indicated text fill the column width and wrap.

Item 2 - Have the layout view match the actual printed view/ print.

Item 3 - Have the indicated text fill the column height and wrap.

Just thought i was doing something wrong. If there's no solution, so be it.

Appreciate the input.


Having the same issue. Have you found any work around?

@Manisha327 ...

No...other than trying to use Word instead. Excel is for for numbers, Word is for words....they should rename Excel to "Number".