Excel 365 stuck in Design mode

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I've been using same spreadsheet for several months but suddenly cannot escape from Design mode -button on Developer tab has no effect although it does change colour.

Any thoughts welcome.

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What happens if you insert a new control on the sheet?
Thanks Jan
The new control works fine, but the existing ones can't be operated. When you hover over them they still show the 4-headed selection arrows. When I select Properties it shows the worksheet properties whichever control is selected (whether in Design mode or not).
This sounds like they are broken. One thing you could try: Close Excel. Then look in your temporary folders for any files with the exd extension. Delete all of them.

Tip: Press the Windows key and type run and press Enter. Then type %temp% and hit OK to directly open your temp folder.
Thanks Jan. I tried that, but there are none -only when Excel is open.
In that case I suspect a file corruption is the cause, which means you likely have to re-do the controls on the sheets. Does your VBA project have any missing references?
I don't think so Jan. I have added a reference to Microsoft Office 16.0 object library, but that is still ticked. So I guess I'll have to add the controls back.
Many thanks for thinking about it.


I had the  same problem. It turned out that the control (a pushbutton) did not have a macro assigned. As soon as I assigned a macro it worked. Check to make sure the assigned macro is still attached to the control.