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Hi all

I've been struggling to find the correct codes to Query the US Dollar basket from Excel 365 stock types.


After reading this - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/about-the-stocks-financial-data-sources-98a03e23-37f6-477... 


I have experimented with every version of DXY / DX-Y / US Dollar Index / USDX - that i can think of.. FWIW it took me ages to find the codes for VIX - "CBOE MKT VOLATILITY IDX"... Not sure why this is so poorly documented !


Anyway - I can find cross currency rates easily, but not so DXY so I would appreciate some help if anyone has solved it.



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@Tim Ballingall 

For those who follow later - the original data source is the Intercontinental Futures Exchange ( ICE ) and they seem to be pretty guarded with redistribution. Microsoft obtain their data from Refinitiv , but they don't seem to have ICE data.


More later

More than 1 year past your post and we have still the very same problem.
Nothing seems to work, unless we go to one of the add-ins that can do that, but usually they charge a lot (either money or your data).
I wish someone at MSFT could help :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: