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Excel 365 sheet view not working in the desktop app

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I use Excel 365 for work and we use Sharepoint for shared spreadsheets. It's good practice to use a custom view for any filters or sorts you want to apply to avoid it affecting other users, and this works fine on the browser version, however it doesn't in the desktop app which I much prefer. If you use a sheet view on the desktop app then apply a custom sort and/or a filter then this will also apply to the default view, which obviously defeats the purpose of sheet view. 


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When you have Excel 365 open.....go 'File'---'Save As' at the top right hand menu and this will allow you to download and open your document id Desktop App.
Thanks for the reply. I have had no problem accessing the desktop app, the problem is sheet view doesn't work properly on the app.

@Excel1265 , SheetView is Cloud-based....meaning, documents you work on are being shared and may be accessed by others. So this feature will not work on Desktop App because Desktop App assumes your are working on a local (version of spreadsheet only on your PC, not in Cloud).


Not exactly. These days Desktop App assumes we are working with files kept on OneDrive/SharePoint (or other shared resources). For the files kept on SharePoint sheet view in Desktop app shall work.

As for the initial question - will try to reproduce.

@Sergei Baklan , yes. But the Sheet View will still not work. Even though Desktop App does integrate well with OneDrive.

In Excel 365 you can use an Excel file that's saved in Sharepoint or One Drive either through the browser or via the Desktop App, that's how I'm using it in this scenario. I can get Sheet view to work, but whenever I apply filters or sorts it will also apply this to the default view, which it shouldn't. That's my problem.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

@Excel1265 not sure then. All I know is that when you open an Excel file from OneDrive or SharePoint, the default is in web view. And you have to save a copy or download to Desktop version before working with it. Sorry.


It depends on settings. You may change them and clicking on file name in SharePoint it will be opened in desktop app.

Were you able to reproduce this?

@Excel1265 no, because I really only use VBA to access files and work with in Desktop App...whether from OneDrive or somewhere else. How are you accessing the file from Desktop App: are you trying to open, connect to or import? Instead of using the 'File'--'Open' option to get the file, try going to the 'Data'--'Get Data' menu at the top of Excel which will open a unique version of the file only on Desktop App and not reflect any changes re: Sheet view, filtering etc. This should work if file is .csv, .txt and Excel file versions. Other than this, I have no idea.


@cool2021  I'm accessing via the Sharepoint folder, I click on the menu to select open in Desktop App. I don't want to use Data and Transform as I need to use the shared spreadsheet. It's one we all use.

ry starting Excel without add-ins to see if the problem goes away. Do one of the following: If you are running Windows 10, choose Start > All apps > Windows System > Run > type Excel /safe in the Run box, then click OK.


@Willjoe2442 I tried this but it didn't work, my changes in sheet view, in this case sorting two columns, applied to the default view as well. 

@cool2021 Thanks, but the problem they are having doesn't apply to me. They are unable to access sheet view at all, whereas I can access it but it doesn't work as it should.

@Excel1265 , could be a version of Windows based on this post from last year. Maybe you need to Windows 10?

@Excel1265 Hi - I know this is old, but we are having the same issues. Any luck finding a solution?Each employee has their own sheet view, but anytime someone filters in their own view, it impacts ALL users. Sorting, hiding columns, and freezing panes are all actions that impact all workers, even though they are working in their own established sheet view. 


We are accessing it via a sharepoint desktop folder. Windows 10. 

@LaurLaura no solution on my end yet.

@LaurLaura me neither, I've kind of given up on it at this point, which is such a shame. I'm also accessing via Sharepoint.