Excel 365 row numbers disappears

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Any idea's what to do when excel row numbers are disappearing (and getting back when I move cursor on the row numbers). I did't have this problem with Excel 2019. It doesn't matter if excel file size is small or large. Also, "ok"/"cancel" buttons inside dialog boxes are not showing/are appearing slowly (eg. when deleting worksheet and the box opens). Excel 365 is up to date, I have Windows 11 (also up to date) and computer is 2 years old Lenovo Thinkpad.


Here is a pic:




Thanks in advance!

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One possible solution to restore missing row numbers and column letters is to go to the View tab and click on Headings in the Show group. This will toggle the display of row numbers and column letters on and off.

Another possible solution is…You may want to try updating your graphics drivers .




Repair an Office application



I hope this helps!

Thanks, will try!

@NikolinoDE Repairing an Office worked. Thank you so much!

I am glad that I could help you.
I wish you continued success with Excel.