Excel 365 PageDown scroll speed

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When I press PageUp or PageDown in Excel 365, it scrolls by the window height as expected. But when I press and hold the key, it only scrolls by the expected amount during the first two steps, then it accelerates to several hundred rows per step. It doesn't matter if there are any data displayed or if it's a completely new blank sheet. Is there any way to disable this automatic acceleration and leave the scrolling at the expected one window per step?


Why this is a problem: take a simple 400-row table and try to scroll halfway down (something I do on a daily basis when checking logs and other data files). With fixed scrolling speed, all you need is to hold PgDn for a brief moment and release it when you get where you need. With the auto-accelerated scrolling, you jump beyond the end of table before you have time to react.


Workarounds: press PgDn repeatedly until you get where you want, or move your hand from keyboard to mouse and drag the scrollbar. Both too tedious for my taste.

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Just FYI: almost a year and several updates later, the bug is still present.
OK, now it seems the bug is gone. Thanks.