Excel 365 Missing object description activeX

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I have a fairly large excel 365 program with many tabs.

All of a sudden my activeX buttons have no properties. Accessibility says "missing object description(1000+)

The assigned vba still functions.

Repaired and Reinstalled office office with no fix

started excel in safe mode with no success.

Please help

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My gut feeling says you'll have to remove the buttons and add them back anew.

@Jan Karel Pietersethanks for your reply. Yes, i can but what is the root cause? Can the properties be restore using VBA?

That would be a guess from my end. Like an update to the activeX library that "contains" those buttons. But then again, ActiveX controls have their issues (which is why I prefer not to use them on the spreadsheet grid at all).
I'll follow your lead and not use activeX.