Excel 365 Insider Beta freezes

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I recently joined the Excel 365 Insider Beta channel. Now each time I open an Excel file, whether an existing or new file, after typing data in a few cells , Excel freezes. For Excel to become responsive again I have to minimize and maximize the workbook, after which no more freezing occurs until after closing the program and starting it again. Anyone's seen this behaviour? What to do to avoid it because this is rather annoying?

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Try in safe mode if something else gives such effect. I'm on Beta all the time and never had such freezes. 

Thanks for your reply. Excel works perfectly well, fast and smooth after minimazing and maximizing with all the new formulas and features. But because this started immediately after joining the Insider Beta Channel, I was hoping that someone had the same experience and could offer some kind of solution.
A few things to try:
1. Check for updates and run them if found
2. Log out of Office then sign back in

I run Beta on two different computers and have not experienced that issue.
Thanks for your advice. After updating to: August 5, 2022 | Version 2208 (Build 15601. 20028), no more freezing.