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Hi there! 


I'm trying to find a way to group value in my Pivot table in Excel 365 Online but when I right click on the the cell I want to group I don't have the option, On the desktop application I can find it but not on the online application.  (sorry for the screen shot in french )


Does anyone know where I can find this option ? 




Thanks a lot, 



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Afraid that doesn't work, Excel for web has limited functionality.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer! I'll go on the desktop version then


Yes, if you have desktop version it's better to use it. Online version in many cases works with files created in desktop version, but doesn't allow to edit/add some features.

Would be nice to vote for this to be included in web app, its painful that I just want to do something basic in a pivot table on webapp whislt my desktop version is tied up refreshing a query on another workbook. Might go looking for that user request hub.


Excel for the web is improving, new functionality appears practically every month. Of course, depends on your subscription. If something is missed you may add your vote for the current suggestion or add new one her Excel · Community (