Excel 2019 Not Responding Issue on EC2

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Hello, I'm facing an issue with Excel 2019 running on an AWS EC2 instance in a VPC that has no internet access; Excel frequently becomes unresponsive and I see "Not responding" in the title bar.  I have purchased this Excel 2019 license, and I was able to activate the product over the phone.  I attempted running Excel in safe mode to no avail.  Microsoft support chat just said "you will get the non responding error just because the office is not connected to the internet", but they did not provide me a solution. 


Is there some way to disable Excel from reaching out to the internet?  Or solve this somehow?




EC2 Windows Server 2019
AMI: ami-0412e100c0177fb4b (amazon/Windows_Server-2019-English-Full-Base-2020.10.14) us-east-1 region
Excel 2019 Build 12527.20482 Click-to-Run

Thank you!

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