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After changing the default startup location, I am not able to open Excel application. I changed it from \users\J???\documents to \users\J???\documents\Excel\J. All of a sudden when I try to open excel, it just scrolls through all the files and stops and says there is a problem. I cannot actually open any file. I do NOT have access to File, Options which might correct this if I could change back to my previous default opening folder. 

Note: I have already tried to fix this by using the MS online repair program. It did not work.

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Even if I might not be the most suitable one to give you an answer, I would like, with your permission, to recommend that you share more detailed information.

Communicating the Excel version and operating system, as well as storage medium (hard drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.) would be the first step in order to get a faster and more accurate solution proposal.

In addition, I recommend that you add a photo with the error message if possible.

Please remember that the helper is not with you in front of your monitor / PC, instructions are required ... the more precise the instructions, the faster and more accurate the proposed solution.


Ps. Basically and in advance, I always recommend an update (OS & Office), immediately afterwards open Excel in safety mode and close it, before you take any other steps.



Thank you for your understanding and patience



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NikolinoDE- Thanks so much for your suggestion. Late last night I had an idea which actually solved my problem. I knew exactly what had happened. I went into the Excel FIle, Options, Advanced, General menu section and changed "At startup open all files in." I changed the folder to where all my Excel files are stored. So when I restarted Excel, it actually tried to OPEN every one of my files at the same time. It just kept blinking and scrolling thru all the files. When it finally stopped, I could not access the File menu to reopen Options to undo the change. I chatted with an online MS Support tech, who did the online Office repair which did not work. He ran out of options and gave me the URL for MS Tech Community where I posted last night. This morning, I moved ALL my files out of that folder and reopened Excel. It opened up fine and I was able to go into the Options menu & delete the folder change I had made. Moved all my files back & Excel is now working properly. Anyway, thanks so much again for answering my post as I did not know what else to try.

I am glad that your problem is solved.

I also wish you lots of success and fun with Excel
As a side issue, do you happen to know the file name & folder location of where Excel stores it's Options settings?
I'm not sure if this is what you mean ...
File> Options> Advanced> File Locations> select templates in the types box, and click Modify button.
No, I mean some way of editing options without having to open Excel. But thanks for getting back to me.