Excel 2019 freezes when when pasting embedded URL

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Hi there, Team!

I am running Office 2019 (Excel v1808, Build 10378.20029) and Win 10 21H1 (Build 19043.1237). Yesterday, I ran a manual check for updates on my Office suite, just to see if it was good. It did find/install some updates. Today, as I am trying to paste data with embedded URLs into my Excel workbook, I am seeing it freeze as soon as I mouse over the Paste/format options (I don't even have to select anything). I have looked for Add-ins (none enabled), tried looking at Trust Center settings (no change in behavior), tested the copy/paste from different sources, and even tried running Excel in Safe mode--no change. Is there anything else I should check or try? 

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No idea what is wrong, but have you tried a repair of your Office installation?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 
Yeah, before I posted this, I did run a repair of Office. That also did not help. 
I have a similar Excel-related issue where an Excel spreadsheet will not open. I found that if the hyperlinks within are removed (found a PC that would allow the spreadsheet to open) then the file opens. So, I am seeing commonality with the hyperlinks causing Excel to not open. Is there some security feature that would cause this? I am not aware of one...

Me neither I'm afraid. Any links in range names? Those often cause a file to open slowly
No... this document really only has email addresses as hyperlinks and "mailto:" hyperlinks in it. Nothing special... and only about 20-25 of them.
In another instance, I am just trying to copy/paste embedded hyperlinks from a web page (I've tried this same operation on different web pages) and as I go to paste, and hover over the formatting of the pasted data, Excel freezes...
Lastly (this is new), I went to Data > Get Data > From File > From Workbook and Excel just freezes up or crashes.
This last error really bothered me, so I closed everything rebooted, ran sfc /scannow and then ran MS Office online repair... Nothing has resulted in a change: Excel still freezes.
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OK, I believe I have found the issue...
KB5005565 (Security Update for Microsoft Windows) seems to be causing the problem. Once I removed that update, and rebooted, the problem went away. Going to try this fix on the original user's PC tomorrow, and see if that fixes the issue there, too. If it does, then problem solved.
Good catch! I'll report this.

@Leroy Gutierrez Microsoft has confirmed the issue and a fix is on its way. Thanks again for reporting the cause!