Excel 2019/2021 (version 2208 and 2209) import data from web : NO TABLES showing. Please reproduce

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On Windows 10 desktop; using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 & 2021, v2208 and v2209


I have an Excel spreadsheet which, on a daily basis (since the last 2 years), extracts correctly data from a website



But Since version 2208 dated september 13, 2022, my extract fails;

it does not recognize embeded tables within the web page.


You can test it : using the DATA tab, extract from web, use the mentionned url

then the left navigator panel indicates that the url page contains only 'Document',

no more Tables as previously


Same result with version 2209 dated september 26, 2022.


Is there a solution, workaround... Any help is appreciated.

Can you reproduce ?


Thanks and have a nice day

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