Excel 2016 Pro has changed

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Last week, I got this new view for Excel which looks very 2D.

At the top left, I got a toolbar that I cannot change.  If I customize the regular toolbar, it is not aligned with the other one.  If I reset it, it adds a Save but the one on the left cannot be removed.


Anyone knows why this happened and how to fix it?




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This is an unfortunate update that was rolled out a week or two ago, to bring the Excel interface more in line with Windows 11.

You can undo it using a registry hack - see Excel Toolbar Corrupted 

But I expect that the other Office applications will follow suit sooner or later...

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thanks a million! That looked and felt icky. I hope Microsoft fixes it. I don't mind the one on the left, just align them or make the left one the default.