Excel 2016 formula Adding spreadsheetl data with negative number which needs to be made positive

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Spread sheet In formula IMSUB ( F4,E5,G5 )  , sometimes Col E data may be negative, but the sum in Col J  ( total kw usage for day ) , E5 has to added.  

Col E data comes from sum of daily meter readings in Col B, where solar may have made meter go backwards. 

DatePSEG-MeterReadTimeTemp/WeathPSEG Day PSEG-EvePanels KWHVivint TotalsSunRunTotal KW
      44 - 11.44kwEnphase sysper dayper day
1/1/23379967a50,pc 37    
 379895a50,pc-7 33.9833.98 63.98
1/2/23380359a40,clouds 46    
 380648p45,pc29 7.3241.3 82.32
1/3/23381028a47,rain 38    
 381245p52,drizzle22 2.5843.88 62.58
1/4/23381637a50,drizzle 39    
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EDIT - E-5 in above , when negative, should be ignored. How to?