Excel 2013 The following data range failed to refresh ExternalData_1" - but the data is not external

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I have recently had a reporting dashboard created for me which was working but now that I have finalised all of the data inputs, I'm getting a series of errors when I try to refresh the data. I don't fully understand some of the background functionality and am hoping someone can help me to identify what is happening and provide guidance on a fix. I'm happy to share the file if needed.



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Hi @jesseobrien 


you wrote that this workbook was created for you. So most likely the creator has imported some of the rawdata from an external system.


You could check either here:

"Data | Queries & Connections"


Or here:


It's hard from the distance to give a good advise how to deal with it. Best would be to ask the creator if that connection is still needed or if it was a one-time-import.


@Martin_Weiss Thanks Martin - I think I have solved the issue anyway but thanks for responding