Excel 2013 Multiple values, have same outcome (=If function)

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Working on creating a formula for example:

My D5 Cell Can contain  Values: 36B,37F,38B,42A Where 36B=S, 37F=M, 38B=H, 42A=M.


How can I set this for and IF function, to have the E5 column populate based of of what is imputed in D5?


Right now trying: =IF(D5="36B","S"),(D5="37F","M''),(D5="38B","H"),(D5="42A","M") with no success.


This is working for the 36B=S, and 37F=M. I cannot get to work with 38B=H and 42A=M



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Rather than a many-layered IF formula, you might find it easier--and longer term more flexible--to use the VLOOKUP function. I've done it in the attached example. This would enable you to readily change the answers, even add more possibilities by extending the table in the upper left-hand corner.


I didn't do it here, but you can also use Data Validation to restrict the range of entries allowed in cell D5 to the possible entries you've expected or required.