Excel 2013 formatting a mess

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I could use some help.  I turned on my Windows 10 computer this morning and the formatting of my excel spreading sheet is a garbled mess.  Tens of thousands of once-clean cells now looks like this:




I tried to export file to another format, (2003 & macro-enabled), but no luck. Please help!


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You could select all cells by clicking the button in the top left corner of the sheet at the intersection of the row numbers and column letters.

Then select Clear > Clear Formats in the Editing group of the Home tab of the ribbon.

Thanks for the suggestion Hans, but that just produced no formatting at all. I need to restore the formatting to it's original form.


Do you have a backup copy of the workbook from before the problem started?


If you are on Windows: right-click the workbook in File Explorer/Windows Explorer and select Previous Versions. Wait a few seconds to see if the dialog gets populated.

If you are on MacOS: see if you can find a valid version in Time Machine.

@Hans Vogelaar 

I'm using windows and under file explorer I don't see an option for restoring previous versions.


I do, however, save everything to Microsoft OneDrive.  I there a way to recover older versions, say 2-7 days old? 

I was able to restore through OneDrive an older version and the formatting is now working, thank you Hans!


Open the file, expand the menu near file name on the title bar


click on version history and restore any of available versions.