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This problem started about a week or so ago

quick description then I will list my steps. it is happening on existing budget sheets, but i have tried on brand new sheets. Even though I format with the 03.14.12 format, it swaps the month and day numbers and makes the entry a text when the swapped day number is above 12.


steps to test:

open excel

open a brand new default sheet

click on E in col E (could be any col)

col is shaded

click on format down triangle

pick 'format cells'

click on date

double click 03.14.12

click on col E row2

enter            get

12/10/21  10/12/21  Right Justified

12/11/21   11/12/21  Right Justified

12/12/21    12/12/21 Right Justified

12/13/21    12/13/21 Left Justified

12/14/21   12/14/21  Left Justified

The Left Justified dates are being entered as text.

Not in the 03.14.12 format selected.

I have looked at the Windows default date, it is setup for mm/dd/yyyy

i have also tried the 4 digit year date and the 3.14.12 date.

I have tried several combonations.

Also the default date in Excel(with the *) is set to europien standard(3-14-12) and I cannot find any way to change it.

have also set custom format, still flips the day - month.



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Cell format doesn't matter. When you enter the date Excel first adds value in accordance to your regional setting and only after that shows it to you in format you defined. 

Excel says it is set to USA, Windows set to USA.
if you look at the list of dates I gave with the entry and input you can see it is not taking it that way.
i am wondering if the fact that the selected date format does not "pick up" the "*" when selected has any bearing.