Excel 2011

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I still use Excel 2011. I have a workbook that has one sheet with a lot of data. Another sheet in the same workbook is a form. I would like to take data from certain cells in the data sheet and put into the form. Is it better to create a macro or do this another way. I apologize if this is not clear.

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If the for is UserForm in VBA module then you need VBA macro. If you use sheet as a form then can use formula to show data from one sheet to another.
Thank you for your reply. Forgive my ignorance I am creating both the form and data input sheet so I guess I am looking for the easiest process. I have several rows of data in data sheet. I use the form to take certain information from one row of data usually corresponding to a date. On another day, I will take information from another row of data. The form takes the same type of information from the same columns each time but a different row. Does this make sense?