Excel 2010 Mail Merge issues

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I have a question about a snafoo I am having with Excel/Word 2010 and with my mail merge. With Excel/Work 2007 I have no problem. I am well versed in mail merge and understand the steps as follows:


START MAIL MERGE>>LABELS>>LABEL 5160>>SELECT RECIPIENTS>>CHOOSE SPREADSHEET>>CHOOSE SHEET>>INSERT MERGE FIELDS>>UPDATE LABELS>>FINISH MERGE. Here is where the problem is. For example I have 33 contacts/Label and instead of populating on 33 consecutive labels its placing record/line 1 on the upper left label on 33 pages.  So on page 1 the correct info is on the top left label and the remaining 29 labels are blank.  This is the same for remaining 32 pages.  Granted that first label is correct on each of the 33 pages.


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Hi burks96!

Snafu.de has a hotline support on +49(0)30 25430 301, because I think it’s not a problem with your excel 2010 but with changed excel api connections within your hosts technical environments and thus also on your Mail merge. This could be a technical problem only on snafu. Pls. phone them up. Otherwise you could do it with Outlook (!) and other Microsoft services instead. Only a suggestion... have a nice Weekend! Greets, Eva