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I have a master list of last names that I want to use as the criteria in advanced filters to find those exacts names in another bigger list. The problem is that some of my names in the master list are only 2 or 3 letters long so when I use them as part of my criteria list, it will give me every name that starts with those letters in the bigger list instead of just the 2 or 3 letter names. How can I format the names in my master list to find only the exact matches?



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What does your advanced filter criteria range contain?

Hi @Brownie ,


For the filter list instead of text like "Joe" you shall use ="Joe" for exact match with Advanced filter. If your list for filter starts from B2, you may add helper column as


(drag it down) and use that helper list for filtering.



@Sergei Baklan 

Thank you so much.  I followed your instructions and it worked.  Took about a minute.  Thanks for your reply.  


@Brownie , glad to help