Excel 濁音を含む並び替え順について。in Excel, sort including Japanese voiced sound.

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■使用ソフト:office365 Excel

■ Software used: office365 Excel
■ Problem: There is a problem with Japanese sorting including dakuten.




■ Question: I would like to know the sorting order used in Excel, including Japanese voiced sound.



■ What you want to achieve
・ Kiyone (example:「かいしゃ いえ」reading = kaisya ie)

・ Voiced sound (example:「がいしゃ あい」reading = gaisya ai)
I want to realize sorting in this order.





In the article on the general site about Excel 2007-2010, there was a specification of Excel.
"The rules for sorting in alphabetical order basically do not distinguish between seion, dakuon, and handakuon."

I can't find a QA about sorting or voiced sound on the official Microsoft website, so please tell me if you can't improve it even now, or if you can handle it by setting etc.

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