Exce STOCKHISTORY returning #BLOCKED! error

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Hi All,

I use EXCEL 365 with Current (Preview) channel. There are no pending updates.
I am an experienced STOCKHISTORY user. Recently started to receive #BLOCKED! errors (ERROR.TYPE is 11).

I found no documentation specifying how to resolve this issue.

Unlike "#BUSY!" semi-error (whic resolves itself automatically when data arrives), #BLOCKED! errors are like #VALUE! or #DIV/0 errors and require 

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For what it's worth, I've been getting that same error on two different Macs, and NOT getting it on a third. And it's always the same user (me) with the same subscription to Microsoft 365.... I've been told it has to do with the fact that the STOCKHISTORY function is available in Beta, or some such, but it still remains something of a mystery! I'm eager to see if somebody comes up with the reason and it's something you and I can resolve.
Sure. Mistery it is. AFAIK, Microsoft documentation pertainint to functions should detail expected returns.

#BLOCKED! error is (1) not listed, (2) incosistent: it may return either #BLOCKED! or a numeric share value. No way to tell in advance, and why?