Evaluate function step-by-step on the MAC version of Excel

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Hi All,


Why on earth didn't MS implement the step-by-step evaluation of functions in Excel on MAC?

It is a major disaster to use complicated functions this way, MS doesn't seem to care about MAC users.

I did pay the full price for the whole office package, like a Windows user also does.

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@arieplugge That's the way it is. And the formula evaluation feature is just a minor thing. I hardly ever use it. Quite a few other functions are not available for Mac users. Depends on how much of a power user you are to notice them. Have used Excel for the Mac for many years, but last year I installed a virtual Windows machine on the Mac and now run the full Excel for PC version on it. Works great!

@Riny_van_Eekelen  I don't feel the same way as you. The step-by-step function is very important to my work with Excel, I will have now to search for an alternative to Microsoft Excel in my Mac as I don't want to install a virtual machine with Windows only for this option.

I could not find TAKE fundtion on my Excel ( Mac) . Can you help me to get it. @ElViejo1978