Errors detected while saving

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Hi guys! 

I am getting the following error message when trying to save a macro-enabled file (using fairly simple macros)


After I press continue, I get the following message: 


When I go into VBA, either I cannot access the references or there is nothing "MISSING" to select. 

This has happened many times with the file and I've gotten around it by either updating Excel for updates, or by restore previous versions, but the issue keeps happening after a few days. I want to fix the underlying issue. 


Any ideas on what's causing the issue? 

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I have asked the same question in another post on here and still have not gotten an answer. Furthermore, when you look this issue up in Google, it is very wide spread. I always update my Microsoft Office every Monday so I know I have the latest updates. I would think they would be more responsive in this forum but I am finding that not so. Best of luck hope one of us and the many others out there find the solution.
I do have a work-around to solving your issue. HERE IS THE TEMPORARY FIX... Close the file and loose your changes you made (I know it sucks). Close anything in Excel you may have opened. Then while holding the cntrl button select the Excel Application and a box will pop up asking if you want to open in Safe Mode. Say Yes. This will disable macros but still allow you to have access to it. You won't need to access this most times this occurs and you can simply save the file. Close it and re-open it (not in safe mode) and the file works again. Maybe for a few days or months but it will probably happen again at some point without any reason as to why.
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