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For the past several months I've gotten the following error (see image) the excel has removed the the following table. I've called support and they're answers was to do a file save as or save the file to local computer the upload to SharePoint. This doesn't work, because the problem will come back a day,2 or 3 later. Depending on my usage.

I can say I don't have any "table29.xml" in the workbook, because excel removed it, lol.

So I cant even find the the table and even try to address the issue.


I dont want to workaround the issue, I wish to address it and make it not happen again!

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The error message from Excel actually says that the Sort records are getting removed, not the table itself. Perhaps the sort conditions this table relies on are not consistent anymore over time (header renaming, deletion, source refresh, ...) so it raises an error. Of course this error does not pop up nicely so you can at least fix it in a timely manner.

The suggestion I would have is to not rely on a custom sort on this table, or even on sorting at all.

Hope it helps.


Thanks Stephane
I only use 1 or 2 custom sorts in tables.
You gave me a lead on the issues to try and address.