Error when opening the file with Offset and Column within the formula

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I've an  .xlsx sheet, using MAC, where it's showed the error "#VALUE" in the cells where there's this function, es: =(OFFSET('Dettaglio Costi'!E27;;COLUMN(A4)*3-3;;))*-1. I noted that if I reloaded the formula all return to normality, with the correct value of the formula. the problem is relative only for that cells with  COLUMN formula.
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@Gianluca_mario On a Mac myself, but can't replicate your problem. The formula you mentioned in your text look a bit odd though with double semi-colons, but perhaps that happened during pasting/typing. If I correct the formula for that and use comma's in stead (that's how my system is set-up), it works fine on my end, although I can't check what the formula should return in your case. Can you upload a file that demonstrates the issue, without disclosing any confidential information?

Thank you so much! it works!