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I have Solver, Analysis TooPak, and Analysis ToolPak VBA Add-Ins installed on Excel.    Every time when I open and close Excel Application, I get the error message "Compile Error in Hidden Module: SolverCode".  My PC is running on Windows 10 but I don't get the message on my Mac.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office 365 but the issue persists.  According to Microsoft Tech Support, they won't be able to do anything about it since the Add-ins were from third-party developer.  Any suggestion?



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Please check if ActiveX and Macros are enabled in Trust Center settings.
File -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings


update: I just tested it on my end. If I disable ActiveX controls I get the same error message.



Thanks, it appears working after enabling Active X.



Discard my last reply.  I thought the issue was resolved.


I did not get the error message when I open an Excel file from OneDrive but I get the same error message when I open excel from the PC. 





1. Ok you have a couple of options. you can disable the Analysis and Solver add-ins, if you don't use them.

  1a:  in excel go to file -> options -> add-ins -> (near the bottom) Manage (select Excel Add-ins) -> Go.

 1b: then uncheck the solver and toolpack addins



2. You can run the office 365 repair tool to try and fix any damaged files or configurations.

2a: press start -> search for apps and & features. - > select office365 -> modify -> search for repair option.


3. If the top two options don't work for you, it would be worth checking your anti-virus solution. ActiveX is old technology and heavily exploited when it was available in internet explorer. You could have anti-virus software running that's trying to keep you safe.