Error from Word to Excel using Merge. Field showing "0" instead of text

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Hi All, 


I am having trouble with one particular field from my excel spreadsheet to a word merge. Using Office 365 on desktops. The files are held in dropbox accessed by 3 users on different desktops.


There are 16 fields in total A1:-P1.


I am having difficulty with the last field - P1. For some reason, that is coming up as "0" on the word document instead of showing the text that is shown on the Excel sheet. The text is 56 words long with a postal address included within it. This text is pulled from Sheet 2 via a XLOOKUP formula.


Is there any reason why "0" is showing up on my form?


This was working previously and no obvious changes have been made. All other fields work fine, just this one.


Any help is much appreciated.

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