Error #DIV/0! for average function

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Hi !

I'm working in a spanish Excel and I try to make the average of 2 numbers with a simple formula :



The numbers "3" you see are in Number format so I don't understand why this simple formula is not working as there is no Zero in the equation





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@Eleaamx I suspect that the numbers "3" are in fact texts. Setting the cell format to Numbers does not transform them to numbers. Are these perhaps resulting from an IF function where you entered "3" to be the result? Thus a 3 between quotation marks.


Try this formula:



The double hyphen forces Excel to see both threes as numbers. Does that produce a number?

You can also try =ISNUMBER(F16) and the same for F7. If the result is FALSE you are dealing with texts, hence the DIV0 error.

It was a text even if the format cell was a number so I was able to force with the double hyphen. I didn't know about it, thank you so much

@Eleaamx Perhaps better to focus on how the get real numbers in those two cells. Up to you.

@Eleaamx Try using a comma (",") instead of a semicolon (";") like below



If that doesn't work use the INT function (maybe ENTERO in Spanish) like below,