Equal Formatting to Contain Bold, Underline, Italic

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I'm pulling data from three different spreadsheets onto a single page for a side by side comparison.  The data is input on the individual sheets in a specific order, but when combined, the three columns are lined up for comparison, so the order in which the information is presented gets rearranged.  To do this I have used the EQUAL (or "=") formula.  I simply made the cells pull from other sheets the exact information, but put them in the order I wanted.  My problem is... On the new sheet, when the data is pulled, it is not taking bold, underlined, or italic data. 

For example:  Sheet1 is pulling from Sheet2.  The cell on Sheet2 reads:  "Recite the first three phrases." However, the cell on Sheet1 reads:  "Recite the first three phrases." without bolding the word "Recite".

Is there a way to fix this?  Thanks.     

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No, a formula cannot transfer the formatting of the cell referred to. And it is not possible to format part of the result of a formula differently than the rest.